Sealing pliers

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The sealing pliers tool consists of 2 parts:

Pinch off pliers + metal ring. Silicone tubes with metal rings can be disconnected and sealed aseptically. Mainly used for disconnection during aseptic sampling; disconnection of pipelines in aseptic production process, for example, after sterilization filtration is completed, the sterilization filter and the liquid storage bag are disconnected, and the sterilization filter is sent out of the clean room for cleaning. Integrity test, the liquid storage bag does a step-by-step operation.

Technical advantages of sealing pliers tools:

To achieve the effect of aseptic disconnection and sealing. Avoid process microbial contamination.

Cold disconnection form, disconnected after heat sealing silicone tube, avoiding the contamination risk of impurity dissolution

lower cost. No expensive sealing equipment is required.

The operation is simple, it can be disconnected anytime and anywhere, no water and electricity are required, and it has low requirements for the external environment to achieve sealed disconnection and aseptic disconnection.


Aseptic sampling process disconnected

The sterilizing filter is disconnected from the reservoir bag

Aseptic production process piping disconnected

Process disconnection to avoid increased leachables from thermally welded silicone tubes

product information:


article number


Packaging quantity

Sealing pliers


6.5mm opening


metal ring


6.5 mm inner diameter

100 pcs/pack



Vanadis 6

1 pair/pack

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